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So what is the differnce between River TV and my current VMedia service?

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  • So what is the differnce between River TV and my current VMedia service?

    Been seeing ads here and there, and the app is listed on my Roku. It is apparently owned by VMedia? Just wondering.... I didn't "get it."

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    Looks like it is similar, but NOT tied to you having to purchase Vmedia internet service. I think they tried selling Vmedia before without internet service, but Bell sued them, saying they could only do so as part of there existing internet business, not to third party customers.


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      That makes sense as all these other services are not tied down in that manner.


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        RiverTV is a new streaming platform from VMedia, which is available "over-the-top" and does not require VMedia internet.

        As a licensed and regulated Broadcast Distributor, VMedia TV service is provided under the framework set forth by the CRTC, and is bound by contractual obligations with content rights holders, which includes the distribution of our service over a "closed loop" (VMedia internet). Additionally, content providers whose channels are licensed for broadcast in Canada are obligated to make their assets available to us (should we wish to carry them). As such, VMedia TV offers a very rich and expansive channel lineup.

        RiverTV is an "over-the-top" streaming platform, which does not require a license from the CRTC. RiverTV service can be accessed anywhere in Canada, on any internet provider. Unlike VMedia, RiverTV has no entitlement to channel carriage, and RiverTV must independently enter into agreements with content rights holders in order to offer their content/channel(s) on the RiverTV platform. RiverTV considers itself the first MVPD in Canada, similar to services like Philo, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Fubo in the United States. RiverTV currently offers a base package consisting of 30+ channels for $16.99 per month, and is available on Apple (iOS/Apple TV), Android TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku devices. More channels and packaging options are expected to be made available in the future, and we are actively courting content rights holders/channels who may be interested in offering their assets on the RiverTV platform.


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          Thanks Matt, a helpful explanation. However, based on that, does it make sense to send me RiverTV advertising to the email address that I use for VMedia internet and TV?


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            Feel free to unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the email if you would prefer not to receive RiverTV related notifications. VMedia notifications will continue as expected.


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              Thanks, done