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Two VBoxes for Sale (Quad Core + running Android 4)

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  • mathewjohnson
    One is sold. The other is still available. Who wants it? Speak up before it's gone!

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  • Two VBoxes for Sale (Quad Core + running Android 4)

    I know it's customary for these "for sale" posts to go into the "Off Topic" forum, but it's my belief that only VMedia members are able to see that forum, so I'm posting this here so that new/potential customers can also see it.

    I'm selling two "Quad Core +" VBoxes. These are the model that run Android 4, not Android 7 (which was on the VBox QC+ that was available earlier this year for only a few months) or Android TV 7 (which is on the currently-available VBox QC+).

    We used the one VBox to record and play many hours of content on an external USB hard drive, so the PVR functionality WORKS WELL (this is a sore spot with many customers that have the newer VBoxes and can't use the PVR feature reliably). I'm not sure the status of the PVR on the other VBox because we only used it to watch Live TV, Video on Demand, and VCloud. I assume the PVR should work on it, since it's the same VBox version as the one that works, but I haven't tested it.

    In addition, because these boxes are running Android (not Android TV), I believe Netflix should also work on them (this is another sore spot with many customers with the current Android TV VBox, since Netflix is currently blocking non-certified Android TV boxes). I'm not a Netflix subscriber, so I can't actually test this out, unfortunately. If you're interested in buying one of my boxes and want to give me your Netflix login details, I can test it on your behalf.

    So... Who wants them? You can get your PVR and Netflix functionality working again for as little as $50 (for one box) or $90 (for both boxes). I live in Kitchener, Ontario, but am willing to ship them somewhere, as long as you cover the shipping costs.