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  • Phone service alerts

    Phone service alerts would be posted here

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    Dec 22, 2014 - some customer may experience issues with voice-mail. Long distance access numbers below are not working due to supplier fibre cut

    Toronto - 6478472848
    Ottawa - 3438826146
    Brampton - 2894997253


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      December 24, 2014

      We wanted to inform you that access to your voice-mail has been changed to *9 from *98. Please start using *9 for voice-mail from now on. An e-mail to every home phone subscriber will be sent out today.

      Our home phone hardware supplier - Grandstream implemented a firmware upgrade on their devices, and we are no longer able to use the *98 code for voice-mail access. Grandstream has set up *98 as the code to check an account number on the phone adapters. They might change it for voip phones as well in the future.

      Because of this Grandstream upgrade, we had to temporarily disable all other features such as caller id blocking, call forwarding, etc., to allow *98 to work until *9 was set up. We are now enabling all of these feature codes back.

      In addition, due to a glitch in the latest Grandstream firmware, we need to disable the MWI (message waiting indicator). This is the feature that gives you 3 short beeps before the dial tone when you pick up the phone to let you know that you have a voice-mail. The Visual Message Waiting Indicator (the blinking light on the voip phone or adapter) will still work.

      Please factory reset your phone adapter or phone by holding the reset button on the back of the adapter or phone base for about 10 seconds. This will re-provision your phone device to the correct configuration.

      We apologize for any inconvenience here and thank you for your support and understanding.


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        January 1, 2014 16:24 - VoIP trunk provider informed us about fiber cut on their network causing Home phone services down. ETA 1 hour to resolve


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          Issue has been re-routed around


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            We are experiencing issues with our Home phone service. Emergency maintenance is required. Estimated time of completion is 15 minutes (before 5:10 p.m.)