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Why is Moving more expensive than switching to someone else?

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  • Why is Moving more expensive than switching to someone else?

    I am moving, and the price to continue with Vmedia is MORE that switching to a new service.
    I would think that Vmedia want to retain customers. But moving is expensive, referrals none, no real incentives to become or stay a customer

    Any comments from Vmedia would be great as everytime I send feedback etc, I get ZERO response.

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    Good question, did you ever get an answer, Id like to know as well


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      The price is more than switching to a competitor? Or more than re-signing up with VMedia?


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        I have to move in two months as well. I contacted VMedia by email and it's costing me $64.00 to transfer my services from one address to another.


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          Its probably because you'd need another tech visit. A lot of the indie ISPs eat some of the signup costs for new customers. If the incumbent provided charges them 65$ for a signup, the ISP may charge 50$ and eat the $15 cost. If you decide to move, they are probably not prepared to eat the move fee as it probably takes them a few months of service to re-coup the initial cost.

          Welcome to Internet in Canada.


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            It's so dumb that VMedia is required to have a tech visit even if you're switching from an existing provider (note - I am aware that VMedia has no choice in this). Example: I switched over from Bell to VMedia DSL. I had to pay $99 for a Bell tech visit, Bell requires this, and what did he do? He came in, saw that I had already plugged in the modem and that it was connected properly, and left. That's quite the little racket that Bell has going there.