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  • Price Increase & Service Issues

    I just received an email telling me that the price for TV and Internet is going up effective March 1.

    I have no problem with a price increase, but if I'm required to give 30 days notice to cancel my service, why is vMedia allowed to increase with only 4 days notice?

    Also, when are we going to see an update to correct the issues presented with update .65? It is impossible to fast forward in the vCloud without the sound going out of sync. There are time when trying to use the vcloud that the program won't start (shows 2-5 seconds of video then black screen). The vbox won't power off properly, and when we try to use it after not using it for a few hours it is frozen and needs to be unplugged and then plugged back in.

    It's been 2 weeks since .65 was pushed out to a few subscribers. Then is was pulled back because of issues. What should have happened is the old .50 stable version should have been renamed to .66 and re-pushed to everyone. This combined with the pvr patch fiasco from early December has me wondering how much longer I stick around.

    I love the premise of the vMedia service, but if it doesn't work, I don't care how much money I'm saving.

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    I totally agree with you we should have been given earlier notice. I don't mind paying more but its a hard pill to swallow when service is not always reliable.


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      Seriously vmedia... wtf kind of drugs are you on?
      Shitty service and less than a weeks notice for a significant price increase? Worse than that, if I cancel my TV I get whopped with another price increase on my Internet.
      You really should grandfather you customers in to the plans they signed up for.

      Unacceptable an ridiculous. I'm glad I told everyone I know to stay far away from vmedia, you just proved me right. However, boy do I ever feel like a fool myself.

      If I cancel my services now (30 days notice), am I still subject to your price increase?


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        I am fine with a price increase provided we are properly notified. Its still cheaper than the alternatives.

        Four days seems very unprofessional and doesnt provide people with enough time to evaluate their options and quite frankly tactics such as this are why most people have left the big providers to come to VMedia.

        I expected better from you guys.


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          Agree with the above posts. If you need to increase prices, at least give 30+ days notice. Additionally, this isnt the right time to do it, how about you provide stable internet and tv service and then think about charging more? I am willing to pay more, BUT for good service, not happy with a price increase at this time...


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            I agree 100% with you Gooner.


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              I was paying $49.95 for my 30/5 cable Internet plan and with less than one week's notice I will be paying $59.95, a 20% increase. The value proposition compared to the incumbent at $80/mo (270 GB, including wifi modem rental) is quickly eroding especially when I consider the poor prime-time network performance. A sad day.


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                I agree with all of you completely. This is just one more instance of VMedia's terrible customer service. For me, it's pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back. I'll be looking for a new provider since VMedia's prices aren't really that competitive any more.


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                  I really didn't want to post something negative - I've been boasting about VMedia to friends because I really love you guys. I signed up in late January 2014 for the Cable45 internet plan. Now I just received an email that explains that I will experience an 18.8% price increase in just 14 months of services. Wow! There is also the issue of the short notice that has already been mentioned.

                  I really hope that this isn't going to be a trend - this alone is going to hit customers at an emotional level and any recovered margins may quickly erode to the effect of attrition. You know that people hate these kinds of surprises right?

                  I will man up and stay with you guys but please do a better job at providing notice and please offer up something when jacking up prices by ~20% - at least upgrade the speed or something. It would make the pill a little easier to swallow.


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                    Well I guess I am done with u guys two many price increases for a shitty service that doesn't work properly vmedia I hope u listen to your customers because they are all canceling so much for your company it was good well it lasted


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                      I've only been a customers since September and I am done who wants to buy two vmedia boxes and a modem only few months old shoot me a price for everything email me ****n.y@hotmail com


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                        I didn't get an email. Are only some customers getting screwed over?


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                          Originally posted by alexb View Post
                          I didn't get an email. Are only some customers getting screwed over?
                          It likely hasn't come yet. Check your account page, it shows the new prices.


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                            No every customer has a price increase the lack of stable service these guys offer is not worth it anymore vmedia does not care about customers well guess what George u won't have a business now everyone is going to cancel myself I have recommended the service to 3 people and they are all going to cancel including myself


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                              Just received my email as well. My internet is increasing $10/month and my TV is increasing $5/month. That is $180 extra per year.
                              I was told that the price you sign up for was your price regardless of increases. I guess that was not true.
                              I do believe that 30 days notice would be nice rather than 4 days.

                              I am assuming then that prices will go down once a bunch of people leave Vmedia (and the services are not as taxed) because of the price increases. Doubt that would ever happen.
                              Not sure this was a wise move.

                              This has me thinking of moving back to ********.