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    Originally posted by BladeZX View Post

    This has me thinking of moving back to ********.
    Better get in quick before they are overloaded with new subscription requests lol


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      Has anyone been able to launch their live chat window via the website? Im trying to cancel my tv service asap due to these price increase and will most likely cancel my internet for april and go back to ********.


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        I agree with all the points above. Give 30 days notice at least!

        And in your email, don't even compare your prices to major players, because your SERVICE does not compare. Here's a not so small list:

        - Client PVR still has tons of glitches (failed to record the NBA all star game last week...thanks a lot)
        - Cloud PVR will randomly exit
        - Audio/Video sync issues
        - TV Looping issues
        - TV Guide does not let you view forward very far (at best one worse, same day).
        - Prime time internet slowdowns affect TV usage
        - Remote control issues (pressing a button makes it go "turbo" mode and thinks it's being pressed constantly)
        - UI issues (FF/REW is by the minute not the second and does not preview on TV like others do)

        Shall I go on? And you want to increase prices now?

        At least grandfather the prices for the next few months for your loyal customers who have been through some of the worse upgrades ever (ie all of December and majority of prime time in the months before that). I'm not asking for much, but increasing prices with 4-5 days notice is a huge slap in the face give the above.


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          Originally posted by BladeZX View Post
          Just received my email as well. My internet is increasing $10/month and my TV is increasing $5/month. That is $180 extra per year.
          I was told that the price you sign up for was your price regardless of increases. I guess that was not true.
          I do believe that 30 days notice would be nice rather than 4 days.

          I am assuming then that prices will go down once a bunch of people leave Vmedia (and the services are not as taxed) because of the price increases. Doubt that would ever happen.
          Not sure this was a wise move.

          This has me thinking of moving back to ********.

          moving to tek seams more plausible, now..considering they have upped their data plans by another 100g (on cable anyways) WITHOUT raising prices? recently, from what i saw few weeks back when did my monthly comparison shopping..i guess if one stays with Vm one should budget for 20-25% increases every 23 months? lol


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            Where do you see the increase on the accounts page? I see my March bill and it's still the same as my February bill