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    Originally posted by Swift View Post
    Good luck with the pre-emptive court ruling against Bell's cease and desist letter!

    It is an absolute nonsense from Bell. Cable companies transmitted basic analogue cable in the clear for 50+ years to subscribers. There is a clear analogy here to sending your signals to subscribers over the internet without the need for a proprietary box.

    Moving to internet transmission is no different to moving from analog to digital broadcasting, it is the simple development of new technologies and standards over time.

    I hope Bell get sent packing, and the courts also send out a clear message that all cable companies should send out their rebroadcasts of OTA signals in clear QAM and over the internet in apps and stop defrauding the public with unnecessary set top boxes for basic service. (Though I'm sure they will see that as outside of the scope of case before them).

    Completely agree. VMedia sounds like they have the correct licensing in place, so where is the issue in rebroadcasting?

    Read an interesting case a few years back where the owner of an apartment building in NY covered the roof and some of the side of his building with mini HDTV antennas. He was providing a streaming service of local OTA content to subscribers who used to live in that market but had moved across country or overseas. I seem to recall he was charging $5.00/month to each subscriber. I can see where the content providers would have an issue with a non-licensed product being offered for a service, but in my mind I don't see an issue with VMedia.


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      Originally posted by Jose (JP) View Post

      The Free trial is for 7 days. As of right now we have no plans to end this promotion. It will be offered for all our new signups.
      Is the free trial still available for the Roku?