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Are we demanding that Vmedia act like one of the major ISP's

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  • Are we demanding that Vmedia act like one of the major ISP's

    Most people know how the game is played if you're an existing customer of a major ISP. If you want a deal you call Customer Retention and threaten to go to a competitor. They will typically cut you a deal with a time limit. You have to keep doing this to keep getting deals. They pay for these deals by not upgrading passive customers to new rates and requiring passive customers to pay for unnecessary services like new modems. I left a major ISP and came to Vmedia because I didn't want to play that game.

    I'm concerned by what I see on the forums in topics like "Vmedia cable internet pricing is not competitive enough". Some people are demanding every discount under the sun and there is an indication that customer retention deals are being made. Folks, if you're trying to turn Vmedia into a clone of the major ISP's the more of this happens the more likely it becomes.

    That said, I do expect Vmedia to remain competitive and just got off the phone with Billing after adjusting my internet to the new rates.

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    agreed.. i am not interested in dealing R or B - i am more than happy to remain with vMedia. - i login to my self serve account it is very basic and full of information
    I avoid calling in.. usually i am able to resolving things myself. even accounting questions.


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      Agreed as well;
      We need VMedia as it is (- was-) to shake up the market and wake up the incumbents.

      Having said that - their recent move (with time-limited promos and rates) is a move that surprised me alot, since it mimmicks the incumbents way of luring customers in.

      I think they should have left things exactly as they were, since at least in Quebec were still the most competitive ones (by far); and even cheaper than the other 3rd party resellers for web
      alone. Now its complex but I find this "First X months at Y" is unappealing.

      At least they now updated their website to show the prices for the 6 firstm onths and then the reality (which is a few quids higher than before all this ?!?!)

      Having said that - on my end can't complain about the service; Videotron as a carrier is seemingly a very good option


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        Originally posted by djbono View Post
        Having said that - on my end can't complain about the service; Videotron as a carrier is seemingly a very good option
        Is Vmedia deserved by Videotron? If yes, then this is great news as I am moving back to Quebec!


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          yes, both Bell and VDT in theory,
          but bell c0ckblocks the 3rd party by only providing 1mbps links (fyi before my switch to vmedia I was with bell with 25mbps...). i stil dont understad why the CRTC lets them do that.

          having worked at vdt, carrier side, i can vouch and say they are amongst the most proactive in the world to split cells that have been only slightly near the redzone - while most lets the signal deteriorate until X many complaints.VDT didnt even want one complaint, they were acting way before any perceivable degradation of service.

          why i went with bell when we moved here was purely a financial move.
          1. fyi since jan 25ft (my signup date w vmedia) my router only recorded less than 4 minutes of downtime ,in 2 isolated events. with bell fttn, i had a few a week.


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            scratch that, had another hiccup at 12:38 today. less than a min.


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              Yeah I was with Videotron back in Montreal and it was incredible, zero downtime. They really changed a lot, I was with them over 15 years ago and they were awful.


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                I live where they made their first docsis trials back 20-21 years ago. They were AWEFUL and quite simply everybody in the province hated them (but at the same time were a customer of them because there was NO competition at all on the tv side of things.)

                I very reluctantly accepted a job there (then again I was only a contractual mercenary) - and I prided myself in saying I only worked there 51 weeks, so not to say a year.

                But looking back, it was probably the job I had the most fun in; and now that I work as a vendor to such MSO/ISPs of the world - none so far have equalled the "tightness" of Videotron's internal way of processing things. I truly thought they were mental when I was there; but now back as a customer, FFS am I glad.

                I won't drop names but ANY majors in the US (real , proper Majors) don't even come close. Oh yes they do have all those many engineers, and very heavy processes; but the end result is just sometimes pure sh&te compared to VDT's level of service.

                Having said that I still very much hate their marketing/finance department - and this is why I'm with VMedia.