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    Hey All
    Been a VMedia subscriber for several years now and although service has not always been the best I've stuck with it mostly based on price and staff have always tried to be helpful.
    Throughout the entire time I've experienced poor speeds, lags, sudden cut outs and having to call tech support to reset and re-set up the modem. But it always seemed to come and go. Would be bad for a bit, and be good for a while. But lately it's been horrible. 3 calls to tech in the last couple of weeks to reset the modem, entire days with horrible speeds (best lately on ethernet connection to modem is about 3.5 mbps)
    Anyway, I've decided I have two choices. Upgrade the service or just leave and go somewhere else. I'd rather stay. Bell can only offer the same DSL6 line with satellite tv (I'll never do that again!) and the reviews I see for Roger's Ignite are horrible.
    Now here's my issue with staying and upgrading. If I appear as a new customer on the website and punch in my address all of the current FTTN ad Cable plans look available.
    A call to sales tells me that is incorrect, I can only get DSL6 as per the use of Bell's loop. But Cable could be an option. OK, requires new equipment, maybe not a bad idea, I suspect part of our current issues are the modem is starting to crap out anyway.
    And again posing as a new customer online, it appears all of the cable plans are available but.....guess what? Soon as I try to order one, a message pops up saying that because I'm an existing customer I need to go into my account and hit the upgrade button, Great! But....when I do I get a message saying that there are ZERO upgrades available!
    So three different stories depending on how I access the website or call sales. Really?
    As I sit here and type this, TV keeps freezing, daughter reports her wifi keeps kicking out...IF I can't upgrade I really have no choice but to leave.

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    I'm really sorry for the trouble willhound. Certainly see how this can be frustrating, and we could do a better job with our messaging here. We'd certainly hate to see you go.

    If you sign out of your My Account on our website and enter our shopping cart, you can enter your full address here and it will check availability at your specific address and show what we believe to be available plans:

    Checking in our shopping cart is more accurate as we take a full address here, as opposed to on our "selling pages" (ex: which show all available plans in the selected province, and allows you to enter a postal code to narrow down your results. However, this is a broad and general search given availability can vary within the same postal code.

    With regard to the "upgrade" section in My Account, this contemplates a plan upgrade with your exiting infrastructure (ex: DSL), and doesn't show plans available with other infrastructure (cable), which would require additional hardware and installation fees.

    With that said, I really hope we can help you out here, and cable sounds like a good option. If you PM me your customer ID and best contact number, I can have a Customer Care Manager reach out to you tomorrow to follow up and get this sorted.


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      Thanks Matt, that worked. A great help as always. PM sent.


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        My pleasure!