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black screen on channels

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  • black screen on channels

    Well here we go again same thing has happened Ed as last week I click on a channel and the counter goes up and all I see is a black screen tryed 3 channels and black

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    All channels are black for me nothing is working but the time counter on the channels goes up


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      Thanks for the help guys guess I'll just pay for something I can't use right now this will be my last month as a customer sick of this


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        Hi Koolguy,

        No broadcast or network related issues on our side presently - must be something local or device specific. Please reach out to our VBox Support Team so we find the barrier and get you back up. 1-855-333-8269.


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          Well no channels are coming up just black screen I turned it off and went out it's not working properly sick of this shit


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            Where are you located? I've only ever had 2 times since Jan. where the TV sucked. One was for an hour when lines were broken, and the other Rogers was down. Other than that I never have any issues. Must be the internet connection causing most of the problems. So may local internet lines they use are capped out. I am also wired in and not on wifi.