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  • Vmedia - London, Ontario

    I am considering signing up with Vmedia when I move to London at the end of June but have not been able to find any current subscribers to ask them about the service in London. I have contacted Rogers and Bell and they offer free equipment which is about the only positive thing about going with them, Tried the other IPTV guys and they were a nightmare to deal with. Can someone give me recent reviews in the area, and what is better cable or DSL internet?

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    I've been with VMedia for a while now in London. I was originally on the cable network but have since switched to the 50/10 VDSL package. I have no major complaints. The service has greatly improved since the beginning.


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      Any reason you switched to VDSL? I am assuming you use TV as well? Thanks for the reply.


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        I was on their network that was managed by CIK. It was not very good. So I had the choice of switching to a network they managed on Rogers cable or VDSL. The VDSL deal seemed good so I took a shot. Yes I have TV as well, works much more reliably now that I'm on a good network.