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  • Vbox or Roku?

    I've just had my second vbox top working. Quad, no power to it. Might be cable. Anyways, these things don't last long. I don't pvr, only watch tv and use kodi. Would I be better to get a roku?

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    I have a vbox quad and a roku... I prefer my Roku. just seems to work better. At least the remote is more responsive on the Roku. Image quality is comparable. It also depends on the Roku you use. I have a Roku 4 that has a rj45 connector, not to mention I can easily switch to Netflix.

    But if you use kodi, not sure that can run on Roku. I have a dedicated android box for that because I never really got it to fully work on my vbox.
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      If one of your main uses is to watch TV then you might be frustrated by Roku. There is no way to select channels by entering numbers, you can only scroll through the channel guide. Also if you like to skip ads when watching on the cloud it is much less precise than vbox. Not quite hit or miss, but close to.


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        Roku doesn't offer PVR, only Cloud channels. My experience a VBOX is needed for a main TV in the home... but a Roku is fine for a 2nd tv.

        My hope at some point is they introduce a whole home PVR, so the ROKU can also use PVR services.


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          I have a similar hope... A VBox that's able to mount and record to a NAS would be pretty nice (assuming other VBoxes would also be able to decrypt the recorded content).
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